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Testing tools for C, C++ and Java
2003 news from Testwell
CTC++ Host-Target add-component upgraded to CTC++ v5.2 level December 2003
The new heap-based counter area allocation skema can now be used also in target testing. This helps easier coverage measuring of modules that are freed from memory during a test run.
The CTC++ sale packages restructured November 2003
They are now
  • "CTC++" (the default host-based package of the tool, available on some platforms)
  • "CTC++ Host-Target add-on" (an add-on package facilitating target testing. The host platform can be any, where the normal CTC++ is supported)
  • "CTC++ for Symbian Target Devices" (an add-on package facilitating code coverage measuring at Symbian OS mobile phones, requires CTC++ on Windows)
CTC++ extended for Symbian OS mobile phones November 2003
A CTC++ add-on package, called "CTC++ for Symbian Target Devices", has been released (v1.0). It facilitates code coverage measurements at the Symbian OS target devices, i.e. at the mobile phones itself. Note that the CTC++/Windows variant of the tool has already supported code coverage measurement at the Symbian OS EPOC emulator context.
Withdrawing CTB, TBGEN and TCMON tools November 2003
The unit testing tools CTB (C Test Bed System) and TBGEN (Test Bed Generator for Ada(83))  and the code coverage tool TCMON (Test Coverage Monitor and Program Bottleneck Finder for Ada(83)) have been withdrawn from our product offering. For some time still the latest descriptions of these tools can be found from here: ctb, tbgen, tcmon.
Our UK-distributor is now called Techcore (change of name) November 2003
Our UK distributor Innovative Infomedia Limited has changed its name to Techcore. 
CTC++ v5.2 available  October 2003
Lots of enhancements and bug fixes: ctcmerge utility introduced, instrumenting for function call trace, enhancements in CTC++/Visual Studio integration, improvements in timing instrumentation and reporting, more Symbian support (EPOC emulator context), on Windows platform support for more calling conventions, etc.
Verifysoft Technology GmbH, a new distributor for Testwell tools August 2003
Testwell is pleased to announce that Verifysoft Technology GmbH is a new distributor of Testwell C/C++/Java testing tools. Verifysoft is primarily handling Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France countries, but they can serve also customers from Benelux countries, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia. Verifysoft is located at Offenburg Germany, see more from
CTA++ v3.0.1 available August 2003
Primarily made for the sake of Windows platform: support for more calling conventions, support for use inside a DLL, etc.
Testlight GmbH's agreement to distribute Testwell tools terminated April 2003
This distribution agreement has been terminated. Customers who have acquired a Testwell tool license via Testlight GmbH, and if having questions or if needing support, can now contact Testwell (support(AT)testwell(DOT)fi). Testwell is currently discussing of new arrangements on how the local support, sales and marketing of Testwell tools in the German/French speaking Europe is set up and improved.
CMT++ v3.4 and CMTJava v1.3 GUI upgrades on Windows April 2003
The Windows variants of these tools have been rebuilt containing now a better GUI v2.1. The initial release of the GUI was v1.0 from September 2002. In October 2002 v2.0 of it was released.
CTA++ v3.0 available, introducing CTA++ Integration to Visual Studio March 2003
On Windows platform CTA++ can now be used directly from the Visual Studio GUI. It facilitates, straight from Visual Studio:
  • Generating the test bed components (test script main program, test cases, stubs)
  • Editing the test script with the Visual Studio source editor. Only the essential test-logic is needed from you. The whole test bed infrastructure comes from CTA++, either as being generated or via the test-oriented macros and other services of the CTA++ run-time library.
  • Compiling/linking, running and debugging the test bed.
  • Viewing the test results, both in in textual and HTML form.
  • Use of a code coverage tool is just behind of a few mouse clicks, see CTC++ Integration to Visual Studio.
  • Can be used to test language entities, like a C++ class, or operating system entities, like a DLL.
In the core CTA++ v2.3.1 --> v3.0 upgrade (available on all platforms) there comes some bug corrections and enhancements. Worth mentioning is introducing the capability to assert expected stub call order.
Innovative Infomedia Limited, new distributor UK/Ireland March 2003
Testwell is pleased to announce that Innovative Infomedia Limited (IIL) has been nominated to a distributor of selected Testwell products for serving the UK and Ireland customers. IIL is a UK/London based company conducted by Mr. Vishal Tah. Mr. Tah has a long experience and excellent records in marketing similar products to demanding customers, last at Parasoft as Sales Manager - Major Account in the UK and Scandinavia. You can reach IIL from

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