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Testing tools for C, C++ and Java
2004 news from Testwell

CTC++ for Symbian Target Devices add-on package v2.0 available December 2004

A major upgrade to this add-on package. Support for timing instrumentation added. Introduced advanced techniques for program execution analysis, e.g. for memory leak searching. Also other enhancements.
CTC++ integration to CodeWarrior available (v1.0) December 2004
CTC++ has been extended to work with Metrowerks CodeWarrior compiler on Windows platform for Symbian projects. Both the command line mode and IDE mode to build the projects with CTC++ are supported.
CTC++ integration to Visual Studio .NET available August 2004
For CTC++/Windows users a small add-on kit is now available, which facilitates a smooth use of CTC++ in the Visual Studio .NET 2003 IDE context.
CTC++ v6.0 available July 2004
Several enhancements, for example, now instrumenting also the ternary ?: operator, in ctcpost added -ff option to reduce coverage to be displayed in compact function coverage view, improvements in the function call tracing capability, improvements in timing instrumentation on some platforms, etc. Some bug corrections.
Change in distribution in the UK and Ireland July 2004
Our UK/Ireland distributor Techcore Europe is currently inoperable in this role. This distributionship has then been terminated (in November 2004). Customers from the UK and Ireland should now contact directly to here Testwell/Finland in all matters wrt. these tools.

CTA++ v3.0.3 available July 2004
On Windows platform now also Visual Studio .NET 2003 (VC++ 7.1) is supported. Enhancements in the cta2html and ctastub add-on components. Some smaller bug fixes.
Testing Day at TUT (4 May 2004) April 2004
Tampere University of Technology arranges a free-of-charge testing day on 4 May 2004, see Testwell  attends at the event in its tools demo session. All  Testwell tools can be demonstrated for the whole day during and between the lectures.

CTA++ v3.0.2 available March 2004
A couple of small enhancements and bug fixes on all platforms. On Windows platform the CTA++ run-time library is moved to a .DLL. It considerably simplifies the tool use when linking the test bed, both when done via Visual Studio IDE and when done in command line mode.

CTC++ for Symbian Target Devices add-on package v1.1 available February 2004

Some minor bugs corrected and documentation enhanced from the first v1.0 release.

CMTJava v1.4 available February 2004

HTML reporting option (cmtjava2html add-on utility) added to the tool. On Windows platform its use is directly integrated to the CMTJava GUI.

CTC++ v5.2.1 availableJanuary 2004
Some number of smaller bug fixes and enhancements.
CMT++ v3.5 available January 2004
HTML reporting option (cmt2html add-on utility) added to the tool. On Windows platform its use is directly integrated to the CMT++ GUI.

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