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Testing tools for C, C++ and Java
2005 news from Testwell
CMTJava v2.0 available October 2005
This CMTJava v1.4 --> v2.0 upgrade brings Maintainability Index calculation, support for XML form reporting, Java 5 support, improved HTML reporting, improved GUI (at Windows) and a number of other smaller enhancements and bug fixes.
CTC++ v6.1.1 available August 2005
Bug fixes (some extreme C++ cases) and a couple of enhancements (improved ternary :? handling in conditions, etc.).

CTA++ extended with Visual Studio .NET 2003 IDE integration
June 2005
Now CTA++/Windows has integrations both to Visual Studio 6.0 and Visual Studio .NET 2003 IDEs.

CTC++ Host-Target add-on upgrade (v3.1)
June 2005
Enhancements to this CTC++ subcomponent. Mainly making certain behavior consistent to the recently released  CTC++ v6.1  host-based tool behavior.

CTC++ v6.1 available
May 2005
Introduced the ctc2excel add-on utility for converting the coverage data to a TSV (tab separated values) form processable in Excel or another spreadsheet application. Introduced a full GUI-based integration to Visual Studio .NET IDE. Now, there are the following IDE integrations in CTC++/Windows: Visual Studio 5/6, Visual Studio .NET, and CodeWarrior in CTC++/Windows. A number of bug corrections and other smaller enhancements have been made.
CMT++ v4.0 available February 2005
This CMT++ v3.5 --> v4.0 upgrade brings Maintainability Index calculation (new), support for XML form reporting (new), and a number of other smaller enhancements and bug fixes.

CTC++ integration to CodeWarrior new version (v1.1)
January 2005
The integration now checks that CodeWarrior compiler preprocessor (mwccsym2 -E) erroneously modified string literals do not find their way to the instrumented code. The IDE-mode usage has been improved.

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