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Testing tools for C, C++ and Java
2006 news from Testwell

CMTJava v2.1 available October 2006

Various smaller corrections and enhancements in the core CMTJava tool and in the add-on utilities. MaxND measure added. Added support to generate the HTML report in a form, which can be published e.g. at the company intranet. Support for a wider set of browsers (Firefox etc.).

CTC++ v6.2.2 available May 2006

A bug fix version, which corrects one instrumentation error that can occur in certain rare conditions.

Testwell exhibits at Software Testing Days at TUT 14-15 August 2006 May  2006

Institute of Software Systems at Tampere University of Technology and Pitky ry organize a two day event on software testing on Aug 14-15, 2006 (Mon-Tue). On the second day there is a test tool exhibition, and Testwell is one of the exhibitors. For more information of the event, see .

CTC++ v6.2.1 available April 2006

A bug fix version for handling some extreme situation C++ and GCC extension cases.

CTC++ v6.2 available April 2006

The HTML report is rearchitectured. Besides the layout changes it no more requires pop-ups and JavaScripts from the browser. Introduced a  symbolfile locking/serialization scheme facilitating parallel "CTC++ builds" of the source files of a project, for example in a Linux farm context. Some "extreme-situation C++" instrumentation bugs corrected. Added support for CodeWarrior v3.1 at Symbian EPOC emulator use.  Etc.

Web pages renewed February 2006

We have finally renewed our old web pages. Hopefully these pages are now somewhat more good-looking and give better information of our services.
CMT++ v4.1 available January 2006
This CMT++ v4.0 --> v4.1 upgrade brings various smaller corrections and enhancements in the core CMT++ tool and in the add-on utilities CMT++ GUI, cmt2html, cmt2xml. CMT++/Visual Studio .NET 2003 IDE integration introduced. MaxND measure added.

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