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2008 news from Testwell

CTA++ v3.0.5 available November 2008

Certain license hanging problems fixed. Adjusted CTA++ code structure to avoid "deprecated" warnings with newer C++ compilers. Some other small enhancements.  More ctadesc.html.

CTC++ for Symbian Target Devices add-on v3.3.1 available
July 2008

Fixed some documentation shortages concerning GCCE builds. The "binary parts" of the component are unchanged. More ctcsymbi.html.

CTC++ v6.5.3 available
July 2008

Primarily a bug fix version. Also some enhancements: optimised multicondition coverage instrumentation, the CTC++ Preprocessor (ctc) component is now much faster, Microsoft C++/CLI extension "for each" is now handled, introduced Eclipse IDE integration on Windows, etc.  More ctcdesc.html.

Testwell moved, new FAX number May 2008

The move was not long, only from 4th floor to 2nd floor. Our address and phone number remained unchanged, but we now have a new FAX number. See contact.html .

CTA++ v3.0.4 available March 2008

Added Microsoft Visual C++ 8.0 and 9.0 support, also IDE integrations. Some smaller bug fixes and enhancements in the CTA++ run-time library, and  in the ctastub and cta2html utilities. More ctadesc.html.

for Symbian Target Devices add-on v3.3 available March 2008

Added GCCE target platform support (arm-none-symbianelf-g++ compiler). Some technical improvements to make the behavior more robust. More ctcsymbi.html.

CTC++ v6.5.2 available
March 2008

Primarily a bug fix version. Corrected in the CTC++ Preprocessor (ctc) component a couple of bugs, which could occur in certain special situations where "advanced C++" was used.  More ctcdesc.html.

CTC++ v6.5 available February 2008

Added XML reporting. Improved the support for parallel "ctc-builds". Enhancements in the HTML reporting. Bug fixes and other enhancements. More ctcdesc.html.

Testwell exhibits at Software Testing Event at TUT 26 March 2008 February 2008

Department of Software Systems at Tampere University of Technology and Pitky ry organize a two day event on software testing on Mar 25-26, 2008 (Tue-Wed). On the second day there is a test tool exhibition, and Testwell is one of the exhibitors. Especially we will demonstrate CTC++ use on Symbian code testing. For more information of the event, see .

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