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2009 news from Testwell

CTC++ Host-Target add-on v4.0 available November 2009

When the basic CTC++/host-only (in v6.5.4)  introduced the ctc2dat utility for converting text encoded coverage data (obtained from the target) to a binary form datafile (file MON.dat at the host), building of that functionality is removed from the Host-Target package. Simplified the building of CTC++ run-time layer at the target. Some technical enhancements in the CTC++ run-time. The user documentation if fully rewritten. More hota.

CTC++ for Symbian Target Devices add-on v4.0 available October 2009

Significant speed improvement in the instrumented code. Introduced an easy-to-use arrangement for automatic and periodic saving of the coverage data; useful when doing long test runs with unstable system. Other enhancements. More ctcsymbi.html.

CTC++ v6.5.5 available October 2009

Bug fixes in some extreme C++ use cases, e.g. with Boost C++ library. More robust handling of some GCC extensions. On Windows version enhancements in Visual Studio integrations (Express edition, Visual Studio 2010). Various other enhancements and bug fixes.  More ctcdesc.html.

CTA++ v3.0.6 available March 2009

Small enhancements: In data files now supporting simple expressions. Change in ASSERT_MEMEQ behavior. One bug fix in data file handling.  More ctadesc.html.

CTC++ v6.5.4 available February 2009

Added support for 64-bit code testing on all supported host platforms. Added an easy to use arrangement to write coverage data from never-ending processes. Various other enhancements and bug fixes.  More ctcdesc.html.

New fax number
February 2009

Testwell's fax number has changed. The new fax number is +358-3-364-0390.

New phone number January 2009

Testwell's telephone number has changed. The new telephone number is +358-3-364-0280.

CMTJava v2.2 available January 2009

The so-called CMTJava long report is now generated in XML format. It gives new possibilities in integration to build tool chains. Also some other bug fixes and enhancements in the basic cmtjava tool and in the HTML report (cmtjava2html).
 More cmtjdesc.html.

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