This is a html'ized CMTJava Complexity Measures Report.

You can view the data via:
SUMMARY view contains class level information. It's columns are: Red color has been used to highlight points that the CMTJava tool gave an alarm of. Click on the column header links for seeing a sorted view of the selected attribute. Click on class links for seeing the corresponding location in DETAILED view.

At the bottom there is a copy of the overall summary section from the input report. It contains various summary data of the measured files and the used alarm limits.

DETAILED view is effectively the same as the original input CMTJava report. The v(G), LOCphy, LOCpro, c%, V, B and MI (or MIwoc) columns have the same meanings as in the SUMMARY view.

Note that a (big) DETAILED view may have been splitted to many (smaller) windows, which are First/Previous/Next/Last chained to each other. The possible splitting was decided at cmtjava2html time.

The DETAILED view has links to the actual source if they were possible to construct at cmtjava2html time. Regarding the link after "File: ", note that it is up to the used browser (file extension association...) what gets started or shown when a plain Java source file is opened. The other source file links use a javascript technique to display the code inside the DETAILED view itself. However, if -no-javascript option was given at cmtjava2html time, this feature is not generated to the DETAILED view. Re-clicking the link or reloading the page makes the displayed source file portion to disappear.

For more information about the CMTJava System in general, please see the CMTJava User's Guide. It should be in the doc subdirectory of the CMTJava installation directory, which in turn should be pointed by environment variable CMTJAVAHOME.