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1997 news from Testwell

Upgrade to CTC++ v4.3/Developer Studio Integration Kit December 1997

This upgrade is of relevance only to CTC++ users on Windows-NT/95 &MSVC++ &MS Developer Studio platform. It contains some enhancements and a bug correction.
Upgrade to CTC++ v4.3/CTC2html component December 1997
When CTC++ v4.3 was initially released it contained v1.1 of the CTC2html component (ctc2html[.pl]) Now to this component there has been released an upgrade v1.2, which fixes some rare bugs.
Upgrade to CMT++ v3.0/Developer Studio Integration Kit December 1997
This upgrade is of relevance only to CTC++ users on Windows-NT/95 &MSVC++ &MS Developer Studio platform. Here the complexity metrics report arrangement has been improved so that with one mouse click focused on the report line you can get the actual source file visible in another window and positioned on the function source code in question.
CTB v4.1.1 released November 1997
This is an upgrade to CTB v4.1(.0) and contains some bug correction and small enhancements.
CTC++ v4.3 released October 1997
This is an upgrade to CTC++ v4.2.1. The new version has some interesting enhancements, notably the following two: measuring for condition/multicondition coverage and hierarchical browsing of coverage listings and source code in HTML form.
CMT++ free trial copy October 1997
The trial copy is the new CMT++ v3.0 running on MS-DOS (can be run also on Win-NT/95). We run this CMT++ marketing campaign now for October 1997 and decide of its continuation based on the feedback we get.
Now (in November 1997) the campaign is over in this form. Thanks to all of you who showed interest. Evaluation copies are still available of CMT++ and of our other tools. See Further questions, evaluation copies...

CTC++ and CMT++ integration in the MSVC++ 5.0 & Developer Studio'97 September 1997

CTC++: If you have CTC++ on a Win-NT or Win-95 platform and you are already using MSVC++ 5.0 &Developer Studio'97, you can pick an upgrade for the CTC++ / MSVC++ Developer Studio Integration Kit. Use the normal procedures on accessing the customer-specific WWW-pages. This enhanced CTC++/Developer Studio Integration Kit works both with MSVC++ 4.x &Dev Studio'95 and with MSVC++ 5.0 &Dev Studio'97.
CMT++: An upgrade to CMT++ / MSVC++ Developer Studio Integration Kit is available from our customer-specific WWW-pages. You need to pick it only if you already are using MSVC++ 5.0 & Developer Studio'97.

Testwell exhibiting at HITEC'97 Fairs August 1997

HITEC'97 will be held at Tampere on 22-24 October 1997. We will show there new versions of CTB, CTC++ and CMT++. Thanks to everybody who visited our stand (November 1997).
Linux to be added to our officially supported platforms August 1997
Previously we have had on our list of supported platforms "call for Linux" note regarding Linux. As of now we will be offering new CTB, CTC++ and CMT++ versions also on Linux (Intel ELF). This already has taken place with the newly released CMT++ v3.0, and will take place with next CTB and CTC++ versions.
CMT++ v3.0 released August 1997
CMT++ v3.0 has some important enhancements over the previous v2.0 version. Its usehas been simplified, the report layout has been improved, there is possibility to produce Excel data files directly as a CMT++ option for further processing of the measurements, and some bugs have been corrected.
CTC++/MSVC++ Developer Studio Integration Kit upgrade June 1997
This small upgrade (dated 23 June 1997) is for CTC++ users on Windows NT/95 &MSVC++ platform, where the usage is via Developer StudioGUI. Certain use situations are now better supported.
CTC++ v4.2.2 upgrade May 1997
This small upgrade is for CTC++ preprocessor part of CTC++ only. It is available now for Windows NT/95 and HP-UX.

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